Can Mindfulness Bring Peace of Mind In the Midst of a Divided World?

Let's face it. 2017 begins with deep uncertainties about what the New Year will hold. Our country is profoundly polarized after a brutally divisive Presidential election. The global threat of war and terrorism continues to expand beyond the Middle East, breeding a new level of fear and insecurity in Europe and the United States. Climate change has made extreme weather the new normal in every region of the country and the world, adding additional uncertainty to our lives. As if things weren't complicated and insecure enough! It is easy at times like this to give ourselves over to cynicism and despair. How are we going to get through this? Will it get worse before it gets better? What happened to a world that, in retrospect, might have felt more manageable? Is Peace a thing of the past? This is a time for the long view. Our time is not so

January 4th, 2017|