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Sunday October 22, 2017

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
The Whidbey Institute – Clinton, WA

Cost: $105

(Includes a delicious vegetarian lunch)


The full price for this retreat is $105, but if the cost is prohibitive, please use the discount code (CHANGE25) to register at the rate of $80. If further scholarship assistance is needed, please contact CMI at info@cascadiamindfulness.com

Held amidst the beauty and solitude of the Whidbey Institute, this day of mindfulness retreat is an opportunity to unplug from the stresses of daily life and work, and to enter into a deep period of solitude and “inner habitat restoration.”

We are living through a time of wrenching changes, culturally, politically and ecologically. Many people feel a sense of despair or bewilderment at the scale and pace of these changes. At times like this we need to re-establish our connection to what is most essential and enduring about our lives. We need to reconnect with our own inner depth, vitality and resilience. Our capacity to be agents of healing, for ourselves and others, depends on our ability to navigate these challenges with skill and with heart. Mindfulness gives us the practical tools for doing this.


A conversation about this retreat

Excerpts from a conversation with Kurt and Josh about the upcoming retreat: Mindfulness as Survival Equipment…

Why are you doing this retreat?
We decided to hold the ‘Mindfulness as Survival Equipment’ retreats in response to what seems to be a persistent and growing sense of anxiety and lack of control as domestic and global crises continue to mount. Each day seems to bring new and alarming environmental and social catastrophes, and amidst these wrenching changes, many people are feeling a sense of despair or bewilderment at their rapid unfolding. At times like this, we need to re-establish our connection to what is most essential and enduring about our lives. Mindfulness is an ancient practice with modern applications that offers us the tools to navigate these challenges with skill, stability, and heart. This retreat is a precious chance to learn or refresh ourselves on these practices and to spend the day in a beautiful and quiet setting, reconnecting with our own inner depth, vitality and resilience.

What do you want participants to get out of it?
Some of the things we hope participants will get out of the retreat are to gain a sense that we are not alone in the struggles we are having to cope with these changes. That there are things we can really do to help us meet these challenges with a degree of resilience and buoyancy, and even joy. It’s always important to take time for ourselves away from our busy lives, especially when the work we do can be emotionally demanding and depleting.

Why do you feel this is important to do now?
We live in a time of unprecedented change and turmoil, both in the human and the ecological realms. We seem to be approaching a tipping point in various environmental and social systems that puts all life on the planet at grave risk and consequently it has never mattered more that we build our capacity to respond with creativity, courage, and boldness. We have also never needed each other more than we do right now as companions in this uncharted territory.

Who should attend?
This retreat is open to anyone who self-identifies in any way as an activist or social change maker. This can take so many forms. It is less of an external label than an inner commitment towards creating a more just and sane world. Since we are all in this together, really this is for anyone who cares about the quest for wholeness, personally and collectively.


Led by: Kurt Hoelting, MDiv, and Josh Berkowitz, MA

Kurt Hoeltng

Kurt Hoelting, MDiv, is a Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher, a long time Zen student, an ordained United Church of Christ (UCC) minister, and an environmental activist.

Josh Berkowitz

Josh Berkowitz, MA, is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher, Mindfulness Meditation Coach, long time student of Insight Meditation, and an environmental and social justice policy professional.